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A game about: 1. punching Nazis with an indestructible armageddon-key fist 2. filing the serial numbers off a well respected comic property so you don’t need to play Dungeons & Dragons 3. the very real connection between U.S. Intelligence Agencies, post war Nazis, the Occult, and Anti-Communist atrocities and 4. the very fake idea that there’s a whole bunch of agents out there that are totally opposed to the above, and if they ever found out would  try to stop it or reveal the truth.

Made for the #wscajam as a possible alternative to recently announced Hellboy RPG, but also about how the premise of a lot of Hellboy stories, that U.S. intelligence was fighting, instead of collaborating with, fascists during the Cold War is dead wrong. 

All Images and Assets are from U.S Military and Intelligence Agencies.

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